About Me

I am Kuri.  (Pronounced “KOO-ree,” but everyone calls me “KR-ree” because it’s easier.)  It’s the Japanese word for “chestnut,” which has the symbolic meaning of “prosperity.”

I’m a nerdy, introverted, clean-eating vegan who’s recently lived in small towns in the USA. Hubby and I plan on living in Japan for a year or two, beginning in 2018!

I spend my time running/jogging, binge-watching my favourite movies/television, reading, playing video games (mostly RPG), learning Japanese and about Japanese culture, and fangirling over astronomy.

Goal For This Blog:

I want to make blogs about my life and adventures.  While this isn’t a food blog, and I don’t enjoy cooking (which has nothing to do with veganism), I will sometimes show that it is possible to eat vegan no matter where you are, especially in non-vegan-friendly environments.  Also, that there really is plenty to do when you live in a small town with “nothing to do.”


I’ve kept a diary since I was nine, so my entries tend to be long and very detailed — I don’t like to forget anything!  However, I always spend more time going over my posts than writing them.  This is not only to make sure I have all grammar, spelling and punctuation correct (and no, I don’t miss a lot of spelling — I just don’t spell in American English), but also to cut out any useless junk to keep the posts from being longer than they need to be.

Find Me On Other Social Media!:

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