The Most Horrifying Discovery of My Life | Coffee Monday

The last weekend in March was a really good one.  I had a lot of fun, some good experiences, socialised with some people with similar interests, et cetera, but I got about 60% of the sleep I usually do.  I was so tired all day Friday and Saturday, but both nights I couldn’t sleep.  This isn’t the random couldn’t sleep, or the “put your phone down already!” couldn’t sleep.  After lying in bed for ninety minutes, suppressing thoughts in a way that normally would have let me get to sleep quickly, my heart was pounding at 90 bpm — at least 20 higher than my normal resting heart rate.

Let me start from the beginning.

In July 2016, I started using Invisalign.  For several different reasons regarding the aligners, I stopped having coffee every single day.  It took up too much of the precious little time that I was allowed to have the aligners out, and I find it too tedious to clean them.  I still drank caffeine –one, maybe two, Rockstar Recoveries a week, lots of tea, doppio whenever I stopped at a local coffee shop–, but simply reduced my daily coffee intake.

When I thought about that as I lay there, heart pounding through my exhaustion, I decided the only explanation was the venti iced coffee I had that afternoon-evening.  And I realised that oh, my gawd, I’ve developed a sensitivity to caffeine.

I’ve never been sensitive to caffeine before, but I’ve also never been addicted.  I could drink coffee right before bed and get to sleep easily.  I’ve often had a venti iced coffee after dark, and had no problems sleeping.  I could also decide to go three days without any caffeine in order to keep my pearly whites pearly white, and I wouldn’t experience any sort of withdrawals.

Only once was I unable to sleep after a late coffee, and it was because I drank a whole pot after dinner.  (I accidentally made too much, and hey, I didn’t want to waste it.)

Since that weekend, I’ve stopped drinking more caffeine than a cup of earl grey tea past 3pm, as I hate being that exhausted.  It’s not fair.  Sometimes I want that nice calming cuppa joe around dinner, but I know it’s best that I resist.

Now, it’s also possible that it’s from the large amount of jelly beans I ate that evening (while I still consume sugar, I normally don’t eat candy at all), or even a mix of that and the coffee, but right now I’d rather not risk exhaustion to test that.

At least for now, I have a greater appreciation for my morning coffee, knowing it won’t last all day anymore.  Cheers. ☕️

“Coffee” 😉


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