VeganMoFo 2016 Week 1 Wrap-Up | Feat. My Favourite Food

The tenth annual Vegan Month of Food is officially underway!

As the first week comes to a close, I’ve decided this year that I won’t share here every post I’ve made for each day.  Today, I’m going to share my day one post about my favourite food: Brussels sprouts.

I don’t just mean it’s my favourite vegetable, or my favourite ingredient in any casserole.  I mean that Brussels sprouts are actually my #1 favourite food.

Currently, my favourite way to cook them is steamed.  Before consuming I add some turmeric, garlic powder/salt, onion powder, salt, sriracha, and liquid aminos.  I usually use soy sauce with these spices, but I think Brussels sprouts are just so much better with liquid aminos.


Sorry I don’t have an exact recipe to share, but I just eye everything when I cook and adjust to taste.  I’ve tried measuring things out, including making salad dressing in a bowl first, but I’ve yet to be able to figure it out.  I will tell you, if you don’t know, that turmeric has a really strong flavour, so I barely use a pinch of the powdered stuff.



This picture made me so happy.  It came out beautifully and barely needed any editing. πŸ™‚

Here are the Instagram links to the rest of my posts this week:

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I did also posted on Twitter, but they’re the same posts with fewer words.


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