Free Stuff! (A Plus For the Travel Budget)

Nobody doesn’t like getting free stuff.  I used to be super frugal and cheap, and spent a lot of time scouring freebie sites for coupons and free samples.  Honestly, the main reason I stopped doing this was because of how much I’ve moved or been out of town, and I just sort of forgot about it .

But getting to the point, the reason I’m posting about freebies on my adventure blog is because the best use for samples is travelling!  If I’m going to be gone for a week, there’s no need to take full bottles of shampoo and conditioner.  With samples, I don’t even need to buy travel-size items or empty travel bottles to fill my own shampoo.  (If I don’t want to.  I still prefer to use products I know I trust and I know are 100% vegan.  But hey, not everyone who reads my blog is going to be vegan.)  I can just slip a couple little packets/bottles into my bag and I’m done.



And it’s not saving money and packing space on just toiletries, oh no!  You can easily save money on food while you travel, too, even if it’s a small amount.  There are always food samples available, too.  I’ve received so many tea and coffee samples in the mail, as well as small packs of peanuts or other snacky items — all perfect to stick in your bag without taking up a lot of space.  (Even if not for travelling, I’d much rather try something new for free before I buy a bigger package and realise I don’t like it.  This happened with one particular brand of packaged coffee I’d been eying.)  If you catch it at the right time, there are also giveaways for full-sized items, like protein bars, jars of peanut butter, etc.  (As I sit and type this, I’m looking at the coupon I just printed out for a FREE full size package of vegan cheeze!  I did miss out on a couple other full-size freebies today, because they really do go fast!)



On top of samples in the mail, or by coupon, restaurants and other chains are always offering coupons for something free, especially for your birthday.  If you have no dietary restrictions or preferences (or big plans already set), there’s no reason for you to have to buy food on your birthday.  (At least half of them require signing up for a rewards program, but it’s still free food.)  Free cupcake from Sprinkles, free burger at Ruby Tuesday, free fries at Wingstop, BOGO free from Cold Stone Creamery (since it’s your birthday, your friend should be the one paying for theirs), free smoothie or juice at Jamba Juice, and of course we can’t forget the free reward from Starbucks.  The list goes on and on.  If you’re a veteran in the US, you can get even more free food on Veterans Day.

Even if the travelling you’re doing isn’t on or near your birthday, a lot of the rewards programs give you something free just for signing up.  So, figure out from which places you’ll want and be able to get free food (remember to be sure they have a participating location wherever you’re going), whether or not you have to print a voucher or download an app, or if you’d have to sign up ahead of time, and make those preparations!  If you’re already travelling and have to go to a library to print, remember that it’ll be worth it once you have that FREE food in front of you.

Of course, everything could be different internationally.  The free restaurant food information here is about travelling within the United States, and it would be impossible for me to gather similar info from all other countries.  It’s really easy to find via search engine, so if you live outside the US, or are travelling to/in another country, and you want to know, it’s not going to take up too much of your time.

Happy travelling!

My two favourite sample sites, and a great list of places to get free birthday food:
“400+ Places That Offer Free Food On Your Birthday”
Veterans Day 2016 list of discounts and freebies

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