Exploring Tiny Downtown Knob Noster | Happiness Project

Credit: knobnostergov.com

Credit: knobnostergov.com

On this particular day, I was going to do some minor exploring in Warrensburg, the closest small city to where I live in Missouri.  I first had to drop something off at the library in the small town of Knob Noster (population 2,784 as of 2013).  On my way there, I passed Knob Noster’s tiny Main Street- or downtown-like area (seriously, only about six shops), and decided that that would instead get my attention that day.

I’m glad I did.  Not only did I accidentally park right in front of the then soon-to-open (but now open) local ice cream parlour, but I found some cute things and talked with a shop owner about his plans for that place.

Adorable statues I found at the resale shop.

Adorable statues I found at the resale shop.

We’ll start with the resale shop, Nothing But Treasures.  It was packed full of great items waiting for someone to take them home.  Vintage dolls, china, unique decor, even crafting items.  (I bought some of the button kits that will be great for “mini” size button earrings if I ever get back to doing my NorthwoodTreasures thing.)  The owner and her granddaughter (?) were friendly without being a bother.  They greeted me with a smile, let me look around on my own, and chatted a bit once I came to the counter.

Next was what seemed to be a Christian book shop.  Yet another shop that was packed full of items!  There were Bibles, books on Christian living, home decor, those little inspirational business card-sized posters that my brother and I loved when we were kids, and a few items I didn’t expect to find, including local honey, and those dolls that cost about $100 because they are made to look incredibly lifelike.

The final place I stopped was a computer repair and nerdy merch shop called B-Squared.  After looking around, I talked with the owner for a good while about his business — how it started, his plans for the future, and his involvement in the community.  It’s a small shop for now; but, he not only repairs computers, but also sells them, as well as gamer and anime merch.  He has a space for hosting kids’ birthday parties, and hopes to soon have gaming consoles out for use to keep yourself busy while he’s repairing your device.  And the best part?  He makes house calls.

The interior of B&G Scoops as of 5 Sept, 2016. I'm sure with time, more decor will appear.

The interior of B&G Scoops as of 5 Sept, 2016. I’m sure with time, more decor will appear. Credit: facebook.com/BnGScoops

I’ll conclude with B&G Scoops, the ice cream shop that wasn’t yet open the day I was in downtown, but we’ve visited since.  When I first heard about it on Facebook, I’d messaged them about any dairy-free options they might have in the future.  They soon replied saying their supplier didn’t have sorbet or dairy-free ice cream, but they would look into it.

I haven’t visited every shop in that area, let alone in the whole of Knob Noster, but I will go again soon.  (Perhaps after the weather cools down a bit.)


Hmm.  I think I need to see if there’s a coffee shop in Knob Noster.  Somehow, I never thought to do that until now.  (BTW, happy National Coffee Day to several countries.)

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