International Coffee Day | Coffee Monday

This Saturday, 1 October, is the second annual International Coffee Day.  I’ve been celebrating America’s National Coffee Day (29 September) for several years now, and will still celebrate it — mostly because that’s the day that places offer a free coffee, though it’s usually doughnut shops with a doughnut purchase.

I won’t go into the history of the holiday, but you can read the mere couple of paragraphs on the Wikipedia page here.

Sadly, my search for info online regarding events or offers in my area for either International Coffee Day or National Coffee Day has come up with nothing.  The University of Central Missouri (Warrensburg) hosted an event in 2014 for anyone to come “enjoy samples of coffee and baked goods from campus and community businesses.”* Hopefully, they’ll decide last minute to do it again this year?  Though I doubt there would be much for me to eat there, it sounds like it would make for a fun morning.  (*Event Facebook page.)

The bag of coffee I won during TMG's #TrainLikeAMartian event.

The bag of coffee I won during TMG’s #TrainLikeAMartian event.

Even if no one around here is doing anything special for either holiday, I will definitely celebrate.  Maybe I’ll go all-out geek and dress up for the occasion.  I can just picture myself showing up to a local coffee house wearing shades of brown, and anything I might own with a coffee cup print on it 😂😏.  No, but seriously, maybe I’ll finally break open my bag of coffee I got from The Mars Generation.  I have plans of testing every brewing method with it to see which I like best.

This Saturday, have a great International Coffee Day!

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