Kuri’s Pursuit of Happiness

Hello!  I’m Kuri, and welcome to my travel and adventure blog.

The last couple of years have been really rough on me.  Between being gone too much, life changes I have no say in, and moving again, I’ve sort of lost myself.  I’m no longer the joyful person people know me to be, I’m angry at everyone and the universe for throwing these things at me, and I don’t even really enjoy doing my favourite things anymore.


Well, I’ve decided enough is enough.  I learned YEARS ago that happiness comes first in any equation.  Joy and happiness don’t come as the result of any sort of accomplishment, but as a choice that makes those accomplishments more worthwhile.  I can’t think “I’ll be happy when…” or “I was happy until…”  I have to choose to be happy, and make the most of whatever happens, planned or not.

I’m making the decision NOW to be happy, but I know it’ll come as a process.  And I’m sharing it here as accountability.  Even if I have a hard time making friends, can’t find a job, or it won’t stop being stinkin’ hot and humid outside, I’m choosing happiness.  No more negativity, true or imagined.  This will be a process, and I will have bad days, so bear with me.

And thank you for reading my blog and watching my videos.

Credit: lifewitheasejoyandglory.wordpress.com


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