Vlogmas 2015! | Week 4

Sadly, that’s the only video that went up in week four. I was in the process of editing another video when my external hard drive moved, and thus my laptop decided that I ejected it and closed all the Final Cut Pro events that were on it. It’s done it before, so I thought, “OK; inconvenient, but no big deal.” Boy, was I wrong. Final Cut Pro now refuses to start or stay open when I try to open that event library. I’ve tried everything; restarting my computer, moving the library to another hard drive (but it’s too big to try moving it directly to my computer), moving part of it to another library, etc. For now, it looks like everything I was working on in that library is gone, but I’ll keep trying and hope that something will work.



Here’s the JibJab Christmas card I’d only shared on Facebook, but have since switched it from “Unlisted” to “Public.”


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