Moving is OVER! For Now…

I’ve made it clear on my YouTube channel that I’m a military spouse, so there’s no point in hiding it here.  My channel was originally about being an “outsider” in my local area as a military spouse, and how I survive here as a vegan.  Once I passed the point where half of my posted videos took place somewhere other than the small town where I currently live, I figured it was time I re-think the focus of that channel.  The title changed from “One Vegan in Portales” to “Vegan Traveller.”  (I still think “Travelling Vegan” sounds more appealing, but I want it clear that my videos are more about my adventures than food.)

The lease on our first house here was running out at the end of July, and since Hubby was deployed I decided to move everything into storage and go adventuring instead of finding a new place on my own.  Once he returned, and we eventually returned home from more travels together, it was time to decide on a house.

Our furniture and nearly all our belongings are moved in.  We’re using our own dishes, sleeping in our own bed, and pictures are appearing on the walls.  I even received my first package here today!  (Yay books!)

A couple #books came in the mail today. Finally bought them 😊. @themichaeldj @thechalls

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I moved a lot when I was a kid (no, I wasn’t a “military brat”), and it’s taken its toll on me as an adult.  I tend to call everything “the worst” (thanks to Michael Scott and my being a fan of The Office), but moving is the real “worst.”  Doing it alone (for the second time, no less) was AWFUL.  I had my first ever panic attack when Hubby was asking questions over the phone about moving.  Even when Hubby and loads of friends were doing all the work of moving everything into the new house from storage, I had to retreat to the bathtub with a movie, lots of pillows, and my vape pen (always nicotine-free) to keep from panicking.  (So thankful that Hubby is very understanding of this.)

OMG, that’s a lot of digressing.  It’s been too long since I blogged…  I’ll probably clean it up later.

We’re a long way from being unpacked, and I dread the thought of packing it all again in three years anyway, but for now I’m enjoying the fact that we’re in our own place again.  I can do whatever I want, have the volume as loud as I want, and I can run on my treadmill in front of the TV if it’s too hot or cold outside.  (I have yet to do that last one, though…)

OK, now that I’ve gotten the “need to blog” bug out of my system for now, my fangirl side is once again calling for me to watch one of my new favourite movies before bed…


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