#KuriCali14 — My Post-Christmas California Holiday

Whenever I go on holiday, I like to add specific hashtags to all the pictures I post to Instagram; that way I can more easily access all the pictures from only that trip.  The following are the pictures with “#kuriCali14” — the holiday I took to Jackson, California, to visit friends.  I had so much fun, and access to a lot more vegan eateries!  I ended up not filming for vlogs at these places, as originally intended, but I made sure to post pics to Instagram!

Most of the pictures have captions that are good enough on their own, but I’ve added some extra thoughts to a few here.

Home Alone is by far my favourite Christmas film, but the plane ride to California on December 27th was the first time this season that I finally sat down to watch it.

カルフォルニア!! California!! #kuriCali14 #traveller #southwestairlines

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Woke up to the beautiful view of the #California mountains. #kuriCali14

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#FRESH #peanutbutter this morning! #kuriCali14 #vegan #eatclean

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It is finished! #puzzle #friends #kuriCali14 #timelapse

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#Art is everywhere. #SouthLakeTahoe #kuriCali14

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#Smiley #face #LakeTahoe #kuriCali14 #snow

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#Panda 🐼. #snow #LakeTahoe #kuriCali14

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I don’t even remember what this place was called, but this vegan place in South Lake Tahoe had amazing food and beverages! I ordered three entrées, planning on filming it and taking leftovers home, but I ended up not filming and eating everything! And finished the last few bites of a friend’s cake. 😉

Sourdough has always been one of my least favourite breads, so the thought of sourdough pancakes made me a bit uneasy. I gave them a shot since a friend was making them for breakfast. These were some of the best pancakes I’ve had in my life, even without blueberries!

There's something about a #campfire. #fire #SloMo #kuriCali14 #BecauseCamping

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Mini #flamethrower in the #campfire. #BecauseCamping #kuriCali14 #SloMo

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I’ve had something that was shaped like a doughnut, but technically this was my first real doughnut since I went vegan 1.5 years ago. I believe this was vanilla. The two with me got Mexican mocha, and… I think something chai-related?…

I may not have seen the Golden Gate Bridge, but I still saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time!

If you know me personally, you may have seen my old blog and YouTube channel.  Even if you haven’t seen those, you still know that I love doomsday movies, and 2012 is my absolute favourite.

I’m still not a big fan of animals in my house, but it’s times like this that reminds me that rescuing a dog off the streets is worth it to her.

#Puppy was definitely glad I came #home! #dog #rescue #mutt #kuriCali14

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